Thirteen Yards Per Second: Why You Can Never Outrun a Charging Bear

 Why You Can Never Outrun a Charging Bear


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It’s hard to tell from looking at them from a distance, but bears are really fast.

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They can cover a huge amount of ground in a few seconds, and their lumbering gait can actually represent speeds in excess of 35 MPH. Not only that, but they are extremely powerful, and one swipe of their paws can knock over a car and destroy a body.

Keep in mind that bears generally prefer to be left alone and don’t go after humans unless provoked. This usually occurs if we encroach on their territory, pose a threat to their young or somehow get in the middle of them and their next meal.

That being said, it’s almost impossible to tell what we’ve done to irritate a bear into chasing us. However, the reasons are not nearly as important as getting out of the situation alive. Learn how to survive a bear attack.

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