How to Start a Fire With a Cotton Ball and a Piece of Wood

How to Start a Fire With a Cotton Ball and a Piece of Wood

fire-from-cotton-ballsClick here to watch the video

Starting a fire when shtf doesn’t need to be an exhausting process that leaves you tired and sore, or worse yet, doesn’t work at all.

Here is a nifty trick you will keep in mind when next time you need to start a fire but don’t have any way of lighting it. While some people will already know about the method, it still worth reviewing just in case.

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Watch the video for the demo, but all you will need to get this fire started will be 2 planks of wood, a cotton ball and some wood ashes. Unroll the cotton ball and flatten it out, then place the ashes on the cotton ball and roll it back up (so the ashes are in the middle)

Next place the rolled cotton ball between 2 planks and roll one over the other first to tighten the cotton ball, then to create enough friction for the ashes and cotton to ignite.

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