How To Make Sugar Rockets

How To Make Sugar Rockets


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Do you know that you can actually make a hobby rocket by spending less than $0.5? It sounds unbelievable but it actually true. Below is a detailed process of how to make hobby rocket from powdered sugar.

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To begin the process, you need to have powered sugar, potassium nitrate and a bag of kitty litter. You also need to have PVC tubing and a rod. The PVC tubing needs to be cut in sections of 5 inch and the rod needs to be twice as long.

To make the rocket fuel, you need to blend 65 grams of potassium nitrate for about 20 minutes. Then add exactly 35g of sugar to the blended potassium nitrate. Because potassium nitrate is highly flammable, it is recommended that you stir the mixture by use of hand for about 3 minutes. Transfer the mixture to another container to free the blender.

Blend a hand full of clay for about 20 seconds to reduce it to a powder. It is very important to wear a mask when removing the lead from the clay and do it outside the house. Place the PVC on a slab of concrete then drop 1/3 of table spoon of kitty litter. Then slide the rod in the PVC tube slowly and repeat the process until the plug is 3/4inch thick. Add the white mix until it lines up perfectly with the mark on the rod. Add the kitty litter ¼ inch thick. Now mark the nozzle using a 7 /32 inch. You need to drill the nozzle slowly and carefully in the rocket motor then test the rocket motor.

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