How To Make a Karambit Knife Out of a Lawnmower Blade

How To Make a Karambit Knife Out of a Lawnmower Blade


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A lawnmower blade that has a one inch diameter center hole is used to make the Karambit Knife. An angle grinder is used to clean the blade.

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Draw the knife’s design on the lawnmower blade.Use an angle grinder to cut out the design of the knife.Heat the knife until it turns orange and then hit it on an anvil, repeat this until the knife blade is flat.

After cooling an angle grinder is used to even and flatten the blade. Clean out the profile to get the knife’s design and make the plunge line by grinding.

Heat the blade until it loses magnetism. Quench it in oil and clean it, afterwards place it in a 400 degree heated oven for one hour.

Heat the handle to toughen and drill two pin holes plus several others. Trace the shape of the handle onto laminated bamboo and drill the pin holes in the bamboo.

Grind the two bamboo sides to ensure alignment and apply epoxy glue on both of them and the handle. Put the pins in the handle and clamp them together then allow them to cure.

Finish the Karambit Knife by grinding with the angle grinder and finally with fine sand paper.Apply linseed oil to the bamboo handle.

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