How To Make A Free Air Conditioner With No Electricity

How To Make A Free Air Conditioner With No Electricity


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This is amazing, who knew you could lower your home’s air temp by up to 10 deg, with a simple system like this.

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It works by condensing the warn air down the funnel of old soda bottles, as it comes through the window. Make sense? yeah I am not that great a physics, but if they say it works, then who am I to disagree.

All you need is some old soda bottles (plastic) some soft of board to mount them to, scissors, a drill and a few other bits and bobs.

Watch the video for the step by step, or the how it works video if you want to understand the science of it all.

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  1. Bill

    No video. WTF?

    1. shtfhacks

      Click the link under the image

  2. Duncan Long

    Interesting concept (and I believe much the same thing is done for thousands of years in Egypt and other cultures that placed tiny openings in walls facing the prevailing summer wind to achieve the same effect). However use of a soda bottle in this way makes another addition lowering of the temperature of the air possible, possibly by a very noticeable amount in climates where the humidity wasn’t too high.

    Cutting the bottles so they would hold a small bit of water in them (down the side of the bottle when in position in the wall), and then placing rags into the container so the water wicks into the cloth exposed to the air, would allow evaporation as the air blew through the holes — additionally lowering the air temperature in the process.

    In effect, the addition of damp rags would create a non-electric evaporative air conditioner or “swamp cooler.”

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