How to Build Your Own Root Cellar

How To Build Your Own Root Cellar


DIY Root Cellar

A root cellular is an essential method of using earth’s natural cool temperature to store your perishable farm produce.

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It’s known to be a quick way to prepare for a winter storage area for surplus root crops from your garden. Most crops keep best for a long time in this relatively high humidity area hence it acts as a modified natural refrigerator.

Do a quick inspection for the best construction method. Identify the amount of produce you want to store. A standard of 8 by 12 feet is recommended since it can fit sizable farm produce. The site should be on a high ground for proper drainage and away from strong winds.

Dig the ground using an excavator. Build the walls by first Laying the blocks in place without mortar. Fill in the mortar between the blocks.  Build the doors from 1/2-inch plywood together with stair way from the top to bottom. Insulation and covering with the other two pieces of plywood is recommended to maintain the required room temperature.

Source: Robert’s Projects

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