How To Build A Star Fire & Why Everyone Should Know This

How To Build A Star Fire & Why Everyone Should Know This


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When camping, a fire is one of the things that you cannot do without. Knowing various fire lays and how to actually make them can be a life saver. Like its name suggests, a star fire is shaped like a star. The fire is at the center and several pieces of firewood are laid out in a radio pattern. Below we look at how to build a star fire, and some tips as well:

To build a star fire:

  • Gather enough firewood
  • Gather a fire bundle (a bunch of grass and weeds, and other highly flammable things)
  • Dig a small pit.
  • Arrange the firewood in a radio pattern (each piece spreads out from the center). You can use as many spokes as you like (depending on size and shape). Make sure there is ample airflow.
  • Place your fire bundle in the pit.
  • Place the kindling over. Bundle it into a loose, tall bundle.
  • Pull back some of the spokes for easier access to your fire bundle.
  • Strike the matchstick against the matchbox, making sure that you are blocking it from the wind.
  • As the fire lights up, you can add a little fuel to the fire.
  • As the logs get burned up, move the spokes in.
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This fire lay should be used in a protected area, and where there is not too much wind. It is very easy to create a fire ring and even a forest fire if the ashes get spread everywhere and ignite weeds or any other flammable thing.

Do not push all your spokes into the fire, as you will reduce air flow. Good airflow results in a hot burn, meaning that you can get your fire started a little bit faster.


Completely put out your fire before you leave.

All in All, Making a star fire is easy. Follow the procedure and use the above tips. You will be good to go.

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