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Creepy Clowns – What Should You Do If You See A Creepy Clown?

Creepy Clowns – What Should You Do If You See A Creepy Clown? The Creepy Clowns epidemic that started in America has now reached as far as Canada, the UK & Australia. What may have started out as a joke, or a PR stunt gone wrong, has already claimed several lives. People across America are …

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How To Throw A Cast Net


How To Throw A Cast Net Throwing a cast net is not as easy as some people make it look. People throw cast nets as an efficient way to catch sea creatures such as shrimps and bait fish. As simple as this sounds, casting it calls for a bit of application and skill to be …

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How To Make A Free Air Conditioner With No Electricity

How To Make A Free Air Conditioner With No Electricity This is amazing, who knew you could lower your home’s air temp by up to 10 deg, with a simple system like this. It works by condensing the warn air down the funnel of old soda bottles, as it comes through the window. Make sense? …

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How Make A Survival Fish Trap

How Make A Survival Fish Trap Finding food and water are the most important things in any survival situation and fish are a great way to keep yourself fed and alert. traditional line fishing is all well and good, but what if you don’t have any line or hooks? Today we take a look at …

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DIY SHTF Survival Dentist – How To Instantly Stop A Toothache

This is a great way to stop a toothache dead in its tracks. It works for about 6 to 8 hours, which is enough to let you get some sleep. You simply need to get your hands on an Advil (or other ibuprofen liquid pills). Make a small hole in the end with a sharp …

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How To Make Fire With A LEMON.

How To Make Fire With A LEMON. Ever wondered if you can make fire out of a lemon? yeah, me neither, but you can. In this video from North Survival, we show you how to make fire using just a Lemon, some copper clips, and zinc nails some wire and steel wool. Simply insert the …

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40 Ways Honey Can Save Your Life

The following are the importance of honey in the Prepper’s pantry: For emergency situations such as when a diabetic person has taken too much insulin reducing the blood sugar level.Since honey is easily absorbed in the body,a table spoon of it with cold water raise the blood sugar level instantly.Honey is an emergency food. Preserving …

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100 Days of No Processed Foods – Crock Pot Recipes

Processed foods have the ability to clog the digestive system, it has side effects in the body and increases the number of bacteria that could come in contact with the digestive system. Individuals, who want to cleanse their body, can undergo the process of selecting fresh meals or crock pot meals. Crock pot meals are …

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10 DIY Methods To Instantly Stop A Toothache!

Are you constantly suffering from a toothache? Do you need a DIY solution? Many people often lack ideas on the homemade solutions that they can use when seeking a DIY solution for their toothache. However, when you do understand these solutions, you will definitely be certain that you would save time and money while looking …

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