100 Days of No Processed Foods – Crock Pot Recipes


Processed foods have the ability to clog the digestive system, it has side effects in the body and increases the number of bacteria that could come in contact with the digestive system.

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Individuals, who want to cleanse their body, can undergo the process of selecting fresh meals or crock pot meals.

Crock pot meals are made of natural and harvested ingredients, they contain no pesticides and the ingredients are easy on the stomach while at the same time fulfilling.

Most of the ingredients are just minimally processed, meaning that the meals are easy to create and can be made from scratch if the person decides to do so.

Ingredients like soy sauce, ketchup, taco seasoning, mustard and other healthy ingredients can be added in the mixture in order to create a wonderful tasting meal that is healthy and does not contain preservatives that can harm the body.

Crock pot meals are easier to create, they make use of simple methods and are fun to create.

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